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Recording Civil Judgment with County Recorder


Product Description

A Judgment Creditor can record their judgment with the county recorder.  A recorded judgment becomes a lien on any real property owned by the judgment debtor at the time the judgment is recorded and any real property the judgment debtor acquires after the date of the judgment.  The judgment acts as a lien only in the county in which it is recorded.

This remedy can be a “sleeper.”  While it is possible to force the sale of real property through execution,  that remedy often doesn't make economic sense, particularly these days when so many homeowners are under water.  If the debtor has no equity in the real property, there is no reason to force a sale.  A recorded judgment can sleep, quietly buried in the county recorder’s database, until the debtor wants to sell his real property.  The lien will be discovered by the title company when it does its pre-closing title search. The debtor will be unable to sell the property until he clears your judgment lien. Someone involved in the attempted sale, the Realtor, the debtor or the debtor’s attorney will usually contact you and ask you what it will cost to release the lien.

The sale is a potential source of funds to pay off your judgment balance. However, you may want to consider accepting less than the full amount of the judgment. If nobody involved in the sale is willing to pay your price, the sale itself could fall apart. You can agree to take less than your full judgment balance and let the sale proceed.  If the money you receive to release the lien does not satisfy the judgment balance, you can still use other post-judgment remedies to get the balance of your money.

You must have a certified copy of your judgment from the issuing court before you can record a civil judgment.  After you get a certified copy of the judgment it can then be recorded at the office of the county recorder.  Note that the lien on real property created by recording a civil judgment only applies in the county in which the judgment is recorded. If you want your judgment lien to be effective in more than one county, you must record the judgment in the other county.

How to Retain us To record your judgment

Read the terms of our engagement below and if they are acceptable click on the "Add to Cart" button above.  After you check out of the store, we will send you an email with instructions on how provide the information we need to begin and how the matter will proceed.

Terms of Engagement

We will obtain a certified copy of your civil judgment from the court which issued the judgment. We will then record the judgment with the county recorder and return the recorded judgment to you.  The fee for this service is $125.If the terms of engagement are acceptable, please click on the Submit button below.

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