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We require an engagement agreement for all legal services we provide to clients. Most of these engagement agreements are incorporated into the web pages for the specific type of legal service we are providing.  We ask that our potential clients read those engagement agreements carefully prior to engaging us to handle your legal matter.  Clicking on the "Add to Cart" button and completing the check out constitutes your acceptance of the terms of the engagement. 

For commercial litigation matters (with the exception of evictions and relief from stay) we will prepare a more comprehensive engagement agreement and Email or mail it to you for your review.  Civil litigation can take months to resolve and in some cases years.  We attempt to carefully explain the range of fees and costs possible in the course of litigation and attempt to insure that the client understands the process.  We ask clients to sign civil litigation engagement agreements and return them to our office to begin the engagement for the lawsuit.

Civil Lawsuits

In these KEYTLaw Landlord Legal Services pages we describe a number of fixed fee legal services for Arizona residential landlords.  However, we also represent clients on a wide range of civil litigation matters in state and federal courts.  If you need representation in a lawsuit, we will be happy to consult with you and advise you on a course of action.  An advance fee, or retainer is required to engage us as your counsel.  The amount of the advance fee is based on the anticipated complexity of the legal issues involved and the complexity of the facts and evidence.  However, legal fees may exceed the advance fee if the amount of legal work involved takes the fees beyond the amount of the advance fee.

Advance fees are placed in our trust account and we bill against them as work progresses. We work civil lawsuits on an hourly fee basis.  One or more of the firm's lawyers or paralegals may be involved in providing legal services on a particular case.  Hourly billing rates for these different lawyers will vary depending on the experience or expertise of the attorney.  The hourly billing rates will be described in the engagement agreement.

We typically do not work on a contingency fee basis. However, we will make exceptions to this rule.

Policy on Professional Fees

The following is an explanation of the basis on which the Keyt Law Offices bill for services rendered and expenses incurred, unless some other specific arrangement has been agreed upon with a client. We normally submit periodic statements to our clients during the course of an engagement. This procedure ensures that our clients have a current understanding of our charges and that they are not surprised by a bill covering services for an extended period of time.

With new clients, or with substantial new matters for existing clients, the firm may require what is known as an “Advance Fee.” Advance fees are placed in trust. They will cover work on the case to a specific point described in the engagement agreement. If the matter requires additional work, which is frequently the case in litigation matters, the firm requires an additional fee deposit that is placed in trust. As work is performed it is billed against the money held in trust and applied each month to your bill. A minimum deposit level will be specified. If a particular monthly bill takes the balance of the deposit below that level, you will be expected to replenish the deposit to the agreed minimum deposit level.

The fees that the firm bills to its clients are established according to the criteria for reasonableness specified in the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct, which include the time and labor required for tasks performed; the difficulty, novelty or complexity of the problem presented; the skill required to perform the tasks in a professional manner; the time constraints imposed by the client or the nature of the matter; and the nature of the results obtained for the client. The firm has established for each of its lawyers, professional staff, and legal assistants a normal hourly billing rate and, in most circumstances, the fees billed to clients are closely related to the amount of time expended and the established hourly billing rate for the lawyers, professional staff and legal assistants involved.

For each periodic statement on account, the responsible attorney reviews the time recorded to the client’s account since the last billing. The purpose of the review is to determine whether the statement should be based solely on the amount of time expended or adjusted to ensure that the fee charged is reasonable in light of the criteria of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Keyt Law Offices bills its clients for costs advanced on a client’s behalf for such items as consulting fees and travel expenses. The firm also charges for certain costs and expenses, including applicable overhead incurred directly by the firm such as long distance telephone calls, mobile telephone calls, copier charges, printing, special mail services, messengers and, in certain instances, secretarial overtime expenses. The firm charges for photocopying at the rate of $.10 per page.

We ask and expect payment of our statements on a current basis since delayed payment adds to our overall costs of providing services. To avoid burdening our clients who pay promptly with these additional costs, we may assess a late payment charge for any statement which is not paid by the end of the month following the month in which the statement is dated.

Finally, we encourage our clients to raise any questions they may have concerning our policy for services rendered.

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