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Debtor's Examination


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Getting your money on a civil judgment is up to you.  The more information you have about the debtor's finances the easier it will be to collect from the debtor.  Arizona law allows owners of judgments to question judgment debtors, under oath, about their employment, bank accounts and other property which might be used to satisfy a judgment.  The debtor is summoned to court and put under oath. Failure to respond to the summons, or failure to answer questions can result in a civil arrest warrant being issued by the court. A debtor's examination can be used to get the information you need to garnish or execute on the debtor's property.

If you know where your judgment debtor works, a wage garnishment can be used to start getting your money.  If you know where your judgment debtor banks, you can use a bank garnishment.   

How to Retain us to Handle Your Debtor's Examination

Read the terms of our engagement below.  If the terms are acceptable, click on the "Add to Cart" button.  After you check-out of the store, we will send you an email with instructions on how to get us the information we need to proceed and an explanation of the process.  The engagement describes exactly what we will do for you.  

Terms of Engagement

We will represent you for the examination of one debtor in court for $400.  This fee does not include locating the debtor or service of process on the debtor.  You must also pay these costs in addition to the fee.  Service of process ranges from $75 to $100.  If your debtor fails to appear, or fails to answer questions, we will represent you to obtain an appropriate sanction against your debtor(s) from the court, such as a civil arrest warrant or an order to show cause why the debtor(s) should not be held in contempt.  If your debtor is subsequently brought before the court after service of a civil arrest warrant, or there is a second or subsequent required court appearance for any other reason, an additional fee of $250 is required for each subsequent court appearance. 

Note that in some cases it may be appropriate to conduct the debtor's examination by deposition held at the Keyt Law Office, rather than at the court.  We will consult with you prior to undertaking a debtor's examination by deposition.  If you approve of a debtor's examination by deposition, you will be responsible for the court reporter's fees in addition to our legal fees. 

After the debtor's examination, we will provide you with a report that sets out all of the information we learned about the debtor during the examination.  If you would then like to proceed with a garnishment or execution, a separate engagement agreement and fee will be required.  If the terms of engagement are acceptable, please click on the "Add to Cart" button above.  

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