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Arizona Commercial Property Eviction


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Commercial Evictions

It's possible for an Arizona commercial landlord to recover possession of their property without filing an eviction lawsuit.  But, if you want to obtain a money judgment against your tenant, about the quickest, easiest way to do that is with an eviction lawsuit.  If your business tenant is insolvent it may not be worth the expense of filing an eviction lawsuit.  For this reason, it is always advisable to obtain personal guaranties from the principals of any closely held corporation or limited liability company tenant.  You will then have the ability to seek recovery of your damages from the guarantors.

While it is possible to recover possession without an eviction, some Arizona landlords choose to recover possession with an eviction lawsuit to limit any possible liability they might be exposed to by conducting a lock-out of their tenant.  If you want to file an eviction lawsuit against your tenant, Keytlaw can prosecute your eviction.

Our legal fees for a commercial eviction are $1500. This does not include the Superior Court filing fee and fees for service of process.  We handle commercial evictions in Maricopa and Pinal counties.  The legal fees include prosecution of the case through trial, if necessary, or preparation of a settlement agreement if the parties settle.  The fee does not cover the cost of using the Sheriff to serve the writ of restitution to remove the tenant.  In almost all cases this is not necessary.

How to Retain Us to Represent you on an eviction case

Read the terms of our engagement below.  The engagement describes exactly what we will do for you.  If the terms are acceptable, click on the "Add to Cart" button above.  After check-out we will send you an email with instructions on how to get your evidence to us and how the case will proceed.

Evidence we need Prior to Filing

The following documents must be provided to the Keyt Law Office prior to filing.  PDF copies of the originals are preferred.  You may email, fax or send via U.S. Mail to the addresses found in the instruction email.  

1. An complete signed copy of the lease and any addenda or appendix.
2. If personal guaranties are involved, signed copies of each personal guaranty.
3. Copies of any notice required by the lease and any communications with tenant relating to non-payment of rent.
4. Statement made and kept in ordinary course of business showing tenant payments and balances due for rent, CAM or any other tenant charges.


Terms of Engagement

Keyt Law Offices will undertake to represent you in one forcible detainer lawsuit in Superior Court.  A forcible detainer action will be filed to obtain a judgment on your behalf, and if necessary, a writ of restitution removing the tenant from the property. The legal fees for the case are $1,500.00. For this fee, the pleadings will be prepared and filed in court and the tenants will be served with a summons. We will appear in court for you and if possible obtain an eviction without trial. If you settle with your tenant we will prepare a settlement agreement on your behalf.  If a trial is necessary, we will represent you at trial.  This sum must be paid in advance.  This fee does not include the court filing fee and process server fees. You will be billed for those fees.  Also, if you require a writ of restitution to remove your tenant after the judgment, there will be an additional fee required by the Sheriff to serve the writ. 

This legal fees paid for the eviction do not cover any appeal from the judgment or defense of a post-judgment motion by the defendant contesting the entry of judgment.  A separate engagement agreement is required for any such post-judgment matters related to this case.

If the terms of engagement are acceptable, please click on the "Add to Cart" button above.

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